Tara Dunn Photography

Project Scope

  • Custom Website Development: Creation of a tailored website with a clean, user-friendly design that reflects Tara Dunn Photography's brand image.
  • Photo Session Booking Page: Development of an intuitive booking interface showcasing her photography packages, complete with detailed descriptions and pricing.
  • Photography Mentoring Sales Page: A custom page that functions as a sales pitch for her mentoring packages, including testimonials, package details, and a call to action.
  • Extensive Portfolio Page: Design of a detailed portfolio page with categorized galleries for each type of photo shoot, enhancing the user experience and showcasing her work effectively.
  • CRM and Email Marketing Integration: Integration of HoneyBook CRM and email marketing tools to optimize client relationship management and marketing efforts.
  • SEO-Enhanced Copywriting: Incorporation of SEO strategies in web content to improve search engine rankings and attract more visitors.


Summer 2024


2 weeks


Web Design

brand elements

Tara Dunn Photography, a renowned brand photographer from Arizona, collaborated with us to create a custom website that beautifully highlights her expertise in personal brand and real estate photography. The website features a sophisticated booking page for photo sessions, allowing clients to easily choose from her diverse packages. To address the rising interest in photography mentorship, we crafted a dedicated sales page for her mentoring programs, aimed at attracting and converting aspiring photographers. An extensive portfolio page, sorted by shoot type, lets clients delve into Tara's detailed work. We streamlined her business operations by integrating HoneyBook CRM and email marketing tools, enhancing client management and interactions. The website’s content is SEO-optimized to improve Google rankings, carefully targeting keywords related to her services.