Luxe Studio

Project Scope

  • Brand Identity Guidelines: Development of a detailed brand manual that outlines the visual and verbal elements of Luxe Studio’s identity, including logo usage, color palette, typography, and imagery guidelines.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy: A marketing plan tailored to enhance online presence through targeted social media campaigns, IG SEO optimization, and content marketing strategies.
  • Printed and Digital Branded Content: Creation of cohesive branded materials such as business cards, brochures, and digital banners, ensuring consistent brand messaging across all platforms.
  • Tagline Development: Crafting of a powerful, resonant tagline – "Take up space in places not meant for you" – to encapsulate the brand’s ethos and inspire the community.
  • Expansion Preparation: Strategizing the brand's scalability to support the opening of new locations and the integration of additional staff, ensuring a seamless transition during growth phases.


Spring 2023


3 weeks


Brand Strategy

brand elements

In their expansion era, Luxe Studio, a distinguished permanent and fine jewelry retailer, partnered with us to elevate their brand identity as they launched their second store and broadened their team. Our comprehensive brand strategy revitalized Luxe Studio's visual communication across both digital and printed media, ensuring their messaging resonates deeply with their ethos of connection, quality, integrity, empowerment, and community. As a proud Latina-owned business, Luxe Studio embraces the empowering tagline, 'Take up space in places not meant for you,' encouraging others to boldly make their mark. This strategic overhaul not only reflects their core values but also positions Luxe Studio for substantial growth and increased market presence."