Hydrology Water Store

Project Scope

  • Brand Identity Development: Creation of a vintage crest in timeless black and white, establishing a luxurious and classic brand image.
  • Mascot Design: Introduction of "Sprinks," a fun and charismatic water drop icon mascot, designed to connect with customers and enhance the brand’s engaging personality.
  • Business Cards and Apparel: Design and production of business cards, t-shirts, and hats featuring the brand’s logo and mascot, for use by staff and promotional purposes.
  • Delivery Truck Wrap Design: Custom design of a delivery truck wrap that showcases the Hydrology brand, ensuring visibility and brand recognition throughout the community.
  • E-commerce Platform: Development of an online ordering system that allows customers to customize and order their water products for home delivery, emphasizing convenience and luxury.


Spring 2024


3 weeks


Web Design

brand elements

For Hydrology Water Store in Mesa, AZ, we developed an e-commerce solution tailored to their unique needs, facilitating an upscale online shopping experience. Utilizing Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform, we crafted a fully custom website that showcases their entire line of luxury water and ice products. Key features of the site include a sophisticated subscription model option, allowing customers to schedule regular deliveries of their customized water directly to their homes, enhancing convenience and fostering customer loyalty. We meticulously configured the website to handle all aspects of online retail operations, including accurate tax calculations, diverse payment gateway integrations, and streamlined delivery settings to ensure a seamless transaction process for both the business and its customers. The integration of these features ensures that the Hydrology Water Store's online presence is not only a reflection of their luxury brick-and-mortar establishment but also a robust platform ready to meet the high expectations of their discerning clientele.