Hydrology Water Store

Project Scope

  • Brand Identity Development: Creation of a vintage crest in timeless black and white, establishing a luxurious and classic brand image.
  • Mascot Design: Introduction of "Sprinks," a fun and charismatic water drop icon mascot, designed to connect with customers and enhance the brand’s engaging personality.
  • Business Cards and Apparel: Design and production of business cards, t-shirts, and hats featuring the brand’s logo and mascot, for use by staff and promotional purposes.
  • Delivery Truck Wrap Design: Custom design of a delivery truck wrap that showcases the Hydrology brand, ensuring visibility and brand recognition throughout the community.
  • E-commerce Platform: Development of an online ordering system that allows customers to customize and order their water products for home delivery, emphasizing convenience and luxury.


Winter 2024


4 weeks


Brand Strategy

brand elements

Hydrology Water Store, based in Mesa, AZ, breaks ground on their first brick-and-mortar location designed to redefine the water and ice retail experience. Targeting a high-end market, Hydrology combines luxury with convenience, offering customers the option to order their custom water online with direct home delivery. The brand identity is encapsulated by a vintage crest in classic black and white, complemented by a playful water drop mascot named "Sprinks," embodying the brand’s fun and engaging personality. This unique branding is carried across various marketing materials to ensure a cohesive and immersive brand experience.