Project Scope

  • Online Booking System Integration - Implemented a user-friendly online booking system with custom forms to collect detailed client information efficiently
  • Ecommerce Store Development - Designed and developed an ecommerce store featuring the client's most popular products for seamless online shopping.
  • Sales Page Creation - Developed a dedicated sales page for the client's mentorship program to attract new inquiries and enhance credibility.
  • Custom Forms - Created custom forms tailored to the client's specific requirements to optimize data collection and streamline business processes.
  • User Experience Optimization - Ensured a smooth and intuitive user experience throughout the website to maximize engagement and conversion rates.
  • Consultation and Support - Provided ongoing consultation and support to ensure the website meets the client's objectives and requirements.


Winter 2024


4 weeks


Web Design

brand elements

The objective was to create a website that showcases Amanda's services and streamlined her business operations. We integrated a system with custom forms to gather detailed information from clients, which saved valuable time for our client. Additionally, we incorporated an e-commerce store featuring her most popular sellers, providing a convenient shopping experience for her customers. To further enhance her online presence and credibility, we developed a dedicated sales page for her mentorship program, facilitating new inquiries and solidifying her reputation in the Hair Extension industry.