Amanda Lynne Salon

In this project, we worked with Amanda to rebrand her Signature Hairapy Method and Fundamental Extension Course. The goal was to create a fresh brand identity that could effectively communicate her innovative approach to hair therapy while also ensuring scalability for future projects. We started by strategizing a name change and developed a faceless brand identity to reflect the universal appeal of her method. This involved crafting a clean logo and that could be seamlessly replicated across various certifications and products. We brainstormed taglines like "growth beyond the hair" and "cut your dead ends off for growth, now do that for life" to capture the brand's essence. Additionally, we curated a selection of inspiring stock images to guide her upcoming photoshoot, ensuring alignment with the brand's vision and message.

Project Scope

  • Name Change Strategy - Collaborated with the client to strategize a new name that resonates with the essence of her brand and target audience.
  • Brand Identity Design - Developed a faceless brand identity, including a clean logo and versatile icon suitable for use across certifications and products.
  • Tagline Development - Brainstormed impactful taglines that encapsulate the brand's empowering ethos and message.
  • Stock Image Curation - Curated a collection of compelling stock images to inspire the client's upcoming photoshoot and ensure visual alignment with the brand.
  • Consultation and Guidance - Provided ongoing consultation and guidance throughout the project to ensure alignment with the client's vision and objectives.


Winter 2023


3 weeks


Brand Strategy

brand mockups