Browin By Julie

Project Scope

  • Brand Strategy and Identity Revamp: Engaged in strategic planning to develop a new brand name, logo, and identity that reflect the client's growth and professional evolution.
  • Color and Font Pairing: Carefully selected color schemes and fonts to establish a cohesive and sophisticated brand aesthetic, enhancing the brand's visual communication.
  • Professional Brand Direction: Provided a comprehensive brand direction, including style guides and usage guidelines, to ensure consistency across all brand touchpoints.
  • Market Positioning: Assisted in repositioning the brand within its market, targeting a more discerning clientele with a refined brand message and identity.
  • Collaborative Development: Worked closely with the client through each phase, ensuring the new brand identity authentically represents their vision and business objectives.
  • Future-Proof Branding: Delivered a brand identity designed to grow with the client, supporting their long-term success and adaptability in the market.


Fall 2023


2 weeks


Brand Strategy

brand elements

We redefined and elevated our client's brand by initiating a name change, logo redesign, and the meticulous selection of color and font pairings for a more professional and unified look. Our mission was to craft a brand identity that not only resonated with the client's evolving business but also set a solid foundation for future growth. Through collaborative strategy sessions and creative exploration, we unveiled a new brand identity that perfectly encapsulates the client’s vision and ambition, ensuring every element aligns with their newfound professional ethos.