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Project Scope

  • Mission Statement and Visionary Outlook: Developed a clear mission statement and outlined a visionary outlook for the next three years to guide the brand's growth and direction.
  • Core Values Establishment: Defined core values that encapsulate the essence of Paradigm and its commitment to excellence in refrigeration services.
  • Tone of Voice Definition: Established a distinct tone of voice for the brand's communications to ensure consistency and authenticity across all channels.
  • Mockup Creation: Designed mockups to visualize the brand's identity and presence in real-world scenarios, aiding in Daniel's understanding of its potential impact.
  • Consultation and Support: Provided ongoing consultation and support throughout the rebranding process to ensure alignment with Daniel's objectives and requirements.
  • Color Palette Development: Curated a cohesive color palette that reflects the brand's identity and resonates with its target audience.
  • Font Pairings Selection: Identified font pairings that enhance readability and reinforce the brand's visual identity across various platforms.
  • Stock Image Curation: Selected high-quality stock images that align with Daniel's vision for Paradigm and convey the brand's values and messaging effectively.


Winter 2023


4 weeks


Brand Strategy

brand elements

In this project, we initiated a comprehensive rebranding endeavor for Paradigm, a Bay Area refrigeration service company founded by Daniel, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of industry experience. The primary objective was to revamp the brand's identity and strategy to reflect Daniel's entrepreneurial venture and his unique approach to refrigeration services. We began by crafting a mission statement and envisioning a three-year roadmap, providing clarity and direction for both Daniel and his clientele. Additionally, we established core values and refined the brand's tone of voice to ensure consistency and authenticity in all communications. Through collaborative efforts, we created mockups to visualize the brand's essence in real-world scenarios, aiding Daniel in understanding its potential impact. Furthermore, we meticulously curated a color palette, font pairings, and stock images that perfectly aligned with Daniel's vision